Best Blog Submission Sites List 2020

Here are the best Blog submission sites list (free as well as paid) with 30 to 88 DA (Domain Authority) to increase your SEO and exposure in 2020.

Blog submission sites are perhaps the most powerful tools to promote the quality and effort of your blog and your efforts. But you should also take into account the proper off-page SEO aspects such as submit blog in good directories, with social bookmarking sites, to gain the maximum benefit from search engine optimization (SEO). These are all crucial aspects which help the blog rank higher on search engines thus getting you more number of visitors.

One of the major benefits of submitting your blog to these directories is that it creates backlinks pointing to your webmaster’s blog or websites, thus giving it a more meaningful link back to your main website. The most popular and successful blog submission site is the Google Blogger.

Blog Submission Sites List

Most blog submission websites give the blogs for free and allow the bloggers to make a link back to their websites from their own blog and can also include a link back to their own website, which is a very good method of driving traffic back to the webmaster’s website. These are just some of the most popular blog submission sites list. Another popular one is Digg which allows for unlimited submissions, so it would be the perfect place for those blogs that have a lot of content. Digg can also give you a link back to your main website.

If you want to create an RSS feed for your blog or website, it is highly recommended to use the Submittable. It is a software package that allows bloggers to submit articles to various newsgroups. This helps them to reach more people and drive more traffic to their blogs or websites. The great thing about using Submittable is that it includes several features to help you drive more traffic back to your blog and increase the popularity of your site.

There are also some submission websites that provide a free blog submission service. These websites however, do not provide any tools to boost the blogs ranking and do not give backlinks to the blog sites. You should avoid using this option if you do not have a website. Most of the submission websites are free, but some require payment.

One of the major drawbacks of these submission websites is that they have a low page rank and thus are not effective in increasing the number of backlinks. The majority of these submission websites are for individual blogs. Most of these websites will only allow you to submit a particular page of your blog, but not the whole blog.

Free Blog Submission Sites 2020

If you want to optimize your blogs, the best way is to join in one of these submission websites and pay a one time fee. You will then be given the opportunity to become a member of the blog submission website and will get a unique link back to your own blog, which is much better than a free backlink.

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Many people also believe that social bookmarking is a big contributor in increasing your search engines ranking. Social bookmarking helps a lot in getting more backlinks and thus increasing your search engine ranking. Social bookmarking websites are great resources for driving more traffic back to your site and thus increase the number of backlinks and thereby increase your search engine ranking.

Most of the blog submission sites provide a free account for bloggers, but there are some submission websites which charge you a subscription fee. This is a good investment, as you can easily drive backlinks to your blog and drive more traffic to it.


Some of the blog submission websites also list the RSS feed. This will help you to improve the SEO of your blog. The RSS feed is a very important part of blogging because it allows more readers to visit your site and get updated information from your blog. If you are not updating your blog, there is a high chance that the readers will not come back.

Blog submissions are very easy ways to drive more visitors to your site and increase the number of backlinks. The best way is to sign up to one of these submission sites and start promoting your blogs and start driving traffic back to your site.

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